For a while I have been contemplating to start writing again on this website, but I wanted to start using something that feels simpler to use to me than WordPress. In long forgotten days I used to use NanoBlogger and even Blosxom. But these projects did not keep up with the times so I decided to start using Jekyll.

So far it seems to have succeeded. I have to confess that for the last year or two I have been exclusively using MS Windows as my main platform. Not on purpose, but my Linux machine died, so I continued using the laptop I have for work, which only runs MS Windows. After some struggles I finally seem to have made it behave as I liked. So expect some more posts in the near future on how I set up my Windows system for doing blogging using Jekyll :).

Now find a nice theme (or come up with a good one myself) and also start completing my business website for Opilo.